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The ultimate online source for Rawlings baseball gloves, baseball bats, baseball pants, and all other sports equipment.
Rawlings Gear is here to help you choose the right Rawlings glove for your needs.

Just remember three important components: fit, feel and style.

Your glove should slide on and off your hand easily, without being loose. Look for a close, snug fit that’s comfortable but not tight.

The more you play, the more you’ll determine what feels best to you. As a general rule, your glove should be stiff enough to give strength and...
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Knowing which Rawlings bats are certified for the baseball or softball league you play in can make all the difference–It can help you maximize your performance while still falling within the guidelines of your league.

The best way to ensure your Rawlings bat is legal for your league is to review the rule book of the governing body for your league.

The following certifications are for the largest governing bodies in baseball and softball.

BESR Certificat...
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When it comes to protecting football players, Rawlings has players covered—literally.

Rawlings' Zoombang protective girdles absorb up to 80% of impact forces and dissipate energy and shock from hard hits while still being lightweight and flexible.

Zoombang equipment was developed through collaboration with respected professional trainers, equipment managers and professional athletes. The unique Zoombang viscoelastic polymer is a semi-solid, plastic-like material that is ext...
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Take the force with you wherever you go with the new Power Balance Performance Wristband, this week’s featured item at

The Power Balance wristband has a hologram embedded in it that interacts with your body’s natural energy field to improve your balance, strength and flexibility.

It may sound just a little bit too easy, but this wristband’s benefits have...
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8/26/2010 understands that the answer to an old or broken glove is not always a new glove.

If your current glove needs to be re-laced, repaired or restored, let help. offers glove re-lacing at a minimal cost. Re-lacing differs from glove to glove depending on the web, and the fee is $10 per section plus the cost of lace. A typical glove can have four to five sections.

If your glove needs to be repaired or if you have a vin...
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Rawlings designs its equipment with protection in mind.

Rawlings' baseball and softball batting helmets, face guards, catcher's helmets and catcher's face masks meet or exceed safety standards set by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

All certified equipment bears the NOCSAE seal. On batting helmets, this appears on the outside rear portion of the shell.

According to, these standards are voluntary and have be...
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