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Flat pocket, Pro I web, 11.5 inches. That's just one of the many custom specs you'll find in Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE™ 950 series.

Rawlings' new REVO SOLID CORE 950 Series 11.5" glove (model number 9SC115CF) is built for infielders.

This model is constructed with the flat 116 pocket. The flat pocket design is for players who consistently use two hands when fielding and need a shallow...
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Rawlings’ new PORON XRD 3-piece compression shirt is available at Rawlings Gear.

This shirt (model number ZAS3R) has padding on the ribs and spine, creating a protective shield that can absorb up to 90 percent of every blow.

PORON XRD padding responds to the speed of each hit, reacting quickly to a sharp strike and slower to a soft impact. This proprietary technology is known as rate...
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This Player Preferred glove is made for the softball player in the house.

Rawlings’ 13” softball glove (model number PP130BF) features the Basket web and a deep pocket that’s just right for outfielders.

The Basket web helps create a strong pocket for snaring softballs. It’s a flexible web that makes the glove easy to squeeze.

All of Rawlings’ Player Preferred gloves are...
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Rawlings' 125th anniversary Gold Glove Pro Taper series continues a tradition that began in 1887.

Rawlings Gear carries three new models in the Gold Glove Pro Taper series. These gloves are made in the same color combination as the limited edition Gold Gloves—chocolate brown with camel lacing—and feature the words “Limited Edition” stamped in gold.

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Get ready for the impact of a new season with Rawlings' catcher's gear.

Rawlings Gear now has the XRD Matte series, a complete line of gear with PORON® XRD™ padding, the Dynamic Fit System™ and AIMS™: The Advanced Impact Management System™.

Get a custom fit with the chest protector (model number XCPM), which uses Rawlings' Dynamic Fit System™. The shoulder caps are removable and the...
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Standard pocket, laceless heel, Modified Trap web. That's just one of the many custom specs you'll find in Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE™ 950 series.

Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE 950 Series 11.25" glove (model number 9SC112CS) is recommended for shortstops and pitchers but can be a comfortable fit at second and third base as well, according to Rawlings Gear's Customer Care...
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