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It's the most important piece of equipment that you never talk about.

When it's time for a new cup, you can't go wrong with Rawlings' briefs and boxer briefs with the Cage Cup.

That's because they're made with your comfort and safety in mind.

Both the briefs and boxers are soft cotton with firming support. The boxer briefs are made boxer length for minimal chafing.

The Cage Cup protects like a traditional cup but is 42 percent lighter. The...
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Retro styling makes Rawlings' Black Hawk catcher's gear a must-have.

“Old-style chest protector allows more freedom to throw runners out,” wrote Joebaby in a brief online review at

In addition to its styling, you'll love all the safety features built in to Rawlings' Black Hawk chest protectors. They feature strategically designed break points for optimal...
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Rawlings has introduced two new youth bats this season—the 5150 Exogrid with Ph.D -11 and the 5150 X-treme Performance –11.

The Exogrid (model number YB51XO) and the X-treme Performance (model number...
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The Basket web is Rawlings' only web style to spawn two spinoffs.

Patented in 1967, the Basket web was the first flexible web. It is so popular today that it is available with nearly every Rawlings glove series.

The first spinoff was the Bellows Basket web, patented in 1971. It is a solid web sewn together to allow the glove to expand. This expansion creates a natural well...
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As a player advances into more competitive leagues, it becomes important to be selective about the leather used to build his glove.

Rawlings' Pro Preferred glove series is made with soft, durable kipskin leather for easy break-in.

Kipskin leather is clean, with few imperfections and a tight grain structure. The leather is supple, which allows each player to break in his Pro Preferred glove to his...
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When a product works, when it does what it is touted to do, it earns the trust of the world's best athletes, the ones whose careers are made or broken by the quality of the tools they choose.

It's a strong endorsement, then, that the NFL's biggest names choose Rawlings' Zoombang™ protective apparel and equipment.

More than 200 pro football players, including LaDainian Tomlinson,...
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