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Rawlings recognizes that all players have their own unique swing style and has developed bats to fit each of these styles.

The 5150 series by Rawlings is a great place to find that perfect bat. Composite frames, alloy barrels and EXOGRID® with Ph.DTMbats are all available.

Dizrel of Massachusetts prefers the 5150 alloy. "The bat has a nice weight and good pop. Solid value!" he said of the 5150 Alloy High School/Collegiate.

Do you perform...
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Imagine a bat that won’t vibrate, but that still has a large sweet spot and lots of pop. Imagine a bat that has a stiff handle, but that won’t sting. Imagine it’s priced better than the competition.

Impossible? Then you haven’t taken a swing with Rawlings’ newest bat—the 5150 Exogrid with Ph.D.

Available for pre-order, the Exogrid capitalizes on Ph.D technology (that’s passive hybrid damping) to...
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Safety is a concern in any sport, not just baseball. But whether you have a child playing ball or you play in your own league, it’s always safe to choose Rawlings’ BESR-certified bats.

BESR is the official safety certification issued for non-wood bats used in the NCAA and NHFS. It stands for ball exit speed ratio.

The Baseball Research Center is the official...
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Get a great deal on your next wood bat by purchasing a Rawlings’ “blem” bat.

“Blem” or blemished bats are available when bats with a minor cosmetic inconsistency are produced.

These blemishes can be a paint discoloration, a paint run, a smudge, a logo that is off-center, a stencil outline of the logo that is too low or too high or a minor paint nick, but all of these bats still...
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Maximize your offensive statistics by going to X-Tremes—Start swinging with Rawlings’ 5150 X-Treme Performance Composite Bat.

Rawlings 5150 aluminum bats are the ultimate combination of speed, power and control. The X-Treme Performance bat is no different.

X-Treme Performance bats are hotter than other composite bats, giving the batter the potential to hit the ball 20 to 40...
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Rawlings has created its hottest bat yet.

Rawlings' 5150 Alloy -3 Baseball Bat (model number BBCA) features a large sweet spot and a low swing weight, and, best of all, it is BBCOR and BESR approved.

“With the BBCOR, they have hit a home run with this bat, and I’m excited about getting our season started to use the technology they've put into this bat and put it into a great performance,”...
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