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Rawlings' new youth Plasma bat offers quality for young players.

The Plasma youth bat (model number YBPLA3) has been redesigned with a high-strength aerospace plasma alloy to maximize performance and sweet spot.

This aluminum alloy bat has a 2-1/4” barrel. It is available in 28” to 32” lengths with a -12 drop.

When selecting a bat for your young athlete, consider your child's...
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Help your young athlete develop a ferocious approach at the plate with Rawlings' Raptor bat.

Rawlings' Raptor youth baseball bat (model number YBRAPT) uses a high-strength alloy that makes it more durable than previous models. This new aerospace aluminum alloy gives the bat an ultra-light feel.

In addition, the Raptor features spring handle technology with a premium wrap-style...
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Rawlings Gear is pleased to carry Rawlings' new Professional Collection wood bats.

These bats, the exact models Troy Tulowitzki and Joe Mauer use, are available only in limited quantities.

Each is one in 1,000 and is branded with a serial number on the barrel.

The Troy Tulowitzki Game Day Wood Bat (model number TUL02) is a Profile 113 maple bat. It features a Big Stick barrel...
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Big leaguers choose the Rawlings wood bat that works best for them, and you can too.

There are key differences between ash and maple to meet your preferences.

Rawlings' maple wood bats are durable bats. Their closed grain structure makes for a bat that will not flake, splinter or separate.

Maple also provides a hard hitting surface because it is dense. Maple bats have a moisture...
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There's a longtime belief in baseball that rubbing your ash bat with an animal bone can make it stronger.

Let Rawlings save you the time and elbow grease with one of its new bone-rubbed wood bats.

Available at Rawlings Gear, the new Bone Rubbed Big Stick (model number 243BO) is an ash wood bat featuring Profile 243, a large barrel and a 15/16” handle. Bat lengths are 32”, 33” and...
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Here’s an equation no hitter can ignore: A 1 mph increase in swing speed equals a 7 foot increase in hit distance.

Measure that swing speed and begin to improve it with Rawlings’ Speed Cap.

The Speed Cap is Rawlings’ patent-pending swing speed measuring device. Exclusive to the Rawlings 5150 line of bats, it is a small cap that attaches to the end of the bat and gives the...
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