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Maximize your bat speed, power and control with a Rawlings' composite bat.

Composite bats are lighter than aluminum bats, which helps a hitter increase bat speed.

Their flexible handles, large barrels and large sweet spots make for better power numbers.

And, when fully broken in, composite fibers begin to loosen, helping the bats reach top performance—even outperforming...
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For a durable bat with a lot of pop, choose a Rawlings aluminum bat.

Aluminum bats are made either from pure aluminum or with aluminum alloys and have single-wall or double-wall barrels.

New alloys and processes such as cryogenic treatment have improved the strength of aluminum bats to the point that they are virtually unbreakable.

Bat design and higher-strength materials have...
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For many ballplayers, fielding practice is not a fun go. So why do coaches use a fungo bat?

There are a few possible ways the word “fungo” came to be used in baseball:

• Old English “fonge,” which meant to catch.
• German “fungen,” to catch.
• Scottish “fung,” to pitch, toss or fling.
• An old street baseball game in which the hitter would toss the ball and hit it, and on each hit yell "one goes, two goes..." and if someone caught it on a fly the hitter...
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Amateur baseball's largest governing bodies are changing their standards for bats, and Rawlings is introducing a new bat that will be certified for play.

The NCAA, NFHS, USSSA and Pony Leagues will require all bats to meet the new BBCOR performance standard. BBCOR (bat-ball coefficient of restitution) is an improved method for predicting a bat's on-field performance. Read more about BBCOR...
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Rule changes in youth leagues have led many coach-pitch bats to be labeled “junior big barrel.” carries an assortment of bats labeled either “coach pitch” or “junior big barrel” to make sure your child is using a bat that's legal in his or her league.

Rawlings' 5150 Junior Big Barrel bat (model number CP51A2) has a one-piece, 100 percent alloy frame with a 2-3/4"...
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Keep a hold on your bat with Rawlings’ new 5150 Bat Grip Spray.

This aerosol spray, available at Rawlings Gear, is a long-lasting grip enhancer that goes on clear and stays tacky, even in wet conditions. The formula will not transfer or come off on your hands.

Use it on the bat’s handle or in your batting gloves to improve your grip. This product does not contain pine...
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