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Take the force with you wherever you go with the new Power Balance Performance Wristband, this week’s featured item at

The Power Balance wristband has a hologram embedded in it that interacts with your body’s natural energy field to improve your balance, strength and flexibility.

It may sound just a little bit too easy, but this wristband’s benefits...
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Relieve pain from common sports injuries with Rawlings' wrist brace.

Rawlings' wrist support brace (model number RG406) stabilizes your wrist while allowing free range of motion for your fingers and thumb.

The adjustable compression strap creates a custom fit and offers additional support.

The brace fits either your left or right wrist.

This brace also features...
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Rawlings is proud to introduce the latest advance in men’s and women’s basketballs—Padded Zone Technology.

Padded Zone Technology uses a special polymer that gives each basketball a consistent feel and great performance. It is a neoprene foam layer hand-laid under the cover of the basketball. Look for it in our Franchise series.

In addition, Rawlings basketballs feature an...
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Catchers protect the plate. The fourth hitter in the lineup protects the third hitter. But what protects the joints of every athlete on the field? Rawlings support braces.

Rawlings' knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and back braces help prevent injuries to athletes in all sports, and Rawlings Gear carries them all.

Features of Rawlings' braces include:
• Adjustable neoprene straps for support and fit
• Lining that wicks away moisture
• Integrated antibacterial...
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It's the most important piece of equipment that you never talk about.

When it's time for a new cup, you can't go wrong with Rawlings' briefs and boxer briefs with the Cage Cup.

That's because they're made with your comfort and safety in mind.

Both the briefs and boxers are soft cotton with firming support. The boxer briefs are made boxer length for minimal chafing.

The Cage Cup protects like a traditional cup but is 42 percent lighter. The...
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In the name of high performance, Rawlings has added Power Balance technology to its batting gloves, chest protectors and shirts.

Originally introduced in April in a wristband, Power Balance technology uses a hologram that interacts with your body’s natural energy field to improve your balance, strength and flexibility.

Rawlings' products with Power Balance are:

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