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Training & Drills
Fielding short hops is part of every infielder's job, and it's not easy.

These drills are intended to improve your hand quickness and your fielding abilities.

For each drill, stand 20-30 feet away from another player. Keep your feet stationary.

In each drill, throw 25 balls to your partner. Completing the complete set of drills provides you with the opportunity to field 150 balls in 10 minutes. Perform these drills five or six times a week to greatly improve...
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Get your traditional batting tee at Rawlings Gear.

Rawlings’ 5-Tool Travel Tee (model number TRAVLTEE) is made from a heavy-duty molded rubber and adjusts from 21” to 36” for training at any level.

The tee is part of Rawlings’ 5-Tool Training Program, a partnership with Ripken Baseball that helps players improve their fundamental skills—hitting for average, hitting for power,...
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Rawlings' 5-Tool Training Bundles are a great way for you or your team to improve in the offseason or fine-tune in-season—and you save by bundling your purchase! carries these 5-Tool Training Bundles:

Deluxe Training Bundle (model number DELUXE_TB)
• Hitting net (model number POPNET)
• Agility hurdles (model number AGILHURD)
• Travel tee (model...
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Break Down Your Swing with Rawlings 5-Tool Training Bats and Tees

Big League hitters don’t just happen; they are developed over years of practice.

Get yourself or your Little Leaguer on the right track with tees and bats from Rawlings’ 5-Tool Training Program.

Rawlings has designed two tees for hitting practice: the Pro Tee and the Continue Reading
Fielding is a skill that is often overlooked by young players because it is perceived as less fun than hitting and pitching.

Many games are won or lost by fielding, though, especially the close ones.

Here are some tips for fielding ground balls:

1. Get in the “ready” position
• Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width so you can take off in any direction.
• Shift your weight to the balls of your feet.
• Bend at the back with your seat...
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Big League hitters don’t just happen; they are developed over years of practice.

Last year, Rawlings introduced the Pro Tee and the Travel Tee. This year, Rawlings has designed three new training tees:

The Multi Tee (model number 5TMULTITEE) allows you to develop every angle of your swing. Two connected tees give you 360-degree hitting to improve your hitting for power and...
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