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Alex Gordon fields so nice he's won a Gold Glove twice. Get a glove like his game-day glove at Rawlings Gear.

Rawlings' Heart of the Hide Alex Gordon Game Day Baseball Glove (model number PRO303-6JBT-GOR) features the Pro H web and a conventional back.

The Pro H web was designed so players could see through the web while making catches and shield their eyes from the sun and...
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Command the mound with Rawlings' Gold Glove Legend glove with a 2-Piece Solid web.

The web makes it easy to conceal the ball, and the styling is the same as your favorite pro pitcher's glove.

This Gold Glove Legend glove (model number GG209L) is 11-1/2”, two-tone and made with black lacing for pitchers.

All Gold Glove Legend gloves feature a new soft leather, which allows for...
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If you're an infielder or pitcher looking for a durable glove that you can mold the way you want it, try Rawlings' Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11.5” glove with Modified Trap-Eze web.

This glove (model number PRO204DC) is a top seller at Rawlings Gear.

In an online review, one satisfied glove owner called his glove “beautiful.”

“I love this glove; easiest glove out of my...
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It's easy to see why Rawlings' Primo gloves get the best reviews on What's hard is choosing just one for yourself!

Why not try the Primo 11.5” glove with the Modified Trap-Eze web (model number PRM1150T) It's made for infielders and pitchers.

Here's what customers had to say:

“This is an awesome glove and feels great every time you slip in...
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If you're an outfielder looking for a glove that give you eyes only for the ball, try Rawlings' Heart of the Hide Dual Core 12.75” glove with Pro H web.

This glove (model number PRO302DC) was designed to help players see through the web while shielding their eyes from the sun or lights.

Its break-in time is minimal.

“Great break-in time. Glove was ready to go right out of...
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Rawlings' new REVO SOLID CORE™ 350 series baseball and softball gloves are optimized for performance.

REVO SOLID CORE™ 350 series gloves feature:

• REVO SOLID CORE™ construction, which improves the fit of the glove for maximum control
• Easy Break design, which allows the glove to close easier and break in faster than traditional gloves
• A laceless heel and pocket, which provides a better fit in the palm of your hand
• Customized pocket depth designed for...
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