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Rawlings Gear carries a wider collection of REVO SOLID CORE™ 350 series gloves than ever before.

Six new models are available:

• The 12.75” outfield glove (model number 3SC1275D) features the Deep 135 pocket, Trap-Eze web and Fastback. It is available for left-handed players under model number Continue Reading
Rawlings has added a new model to its retooled Renegade series.

This Renegade softball glove (model number R140R) features the Basket web and the Fastback with adjustable Velcro strap.

The Basket web gives you flexibility and a large catching surface. Measuring 14", this glove creates a deep pocket to accommodate a 12" softball.

It is recommended for elite and adult...
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Rawlings Gear recommends Player Preferred gloves for young baseball and fastpitch softball players.

Four new youth models are available:

• The youth 11.5” glove (model number P1154) features the Modified Trap-Eze web and conventional back. It is available for left-handed players as model number Continue Reading
Rawlings makes its Player Preferred gloves for baseball and slowpitch softball players with a new rich color - cognac.

Six new models have been introduced for 2014:

• The 14” slowpitch glove (model number P14HF) features the Pro H web and a modified conventional back with adjustable pull straps. It is...
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Rawlings has redesigned its Renegade line of gloves to meet the needs of all players.

Four new youth models have been introduced:

• The youth 11.5” glove (model number R15R) features the Basket web and Neo-Flex conventional back with Velcro adjustment. It is available for left-handed players as model...
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Take control of your catcher's mitt with this offering from Rawlings' Player Preferred series.

Rawlings' Player Preferred 33” catcher’s mitt (model number RCM30CT) features the 1-Piece Closed web and a conventional back. It is sold 60 percent broken in from the factory, leaving you plenty of room to shape the pocket to your liking.

The retro leather shell is softened for comfort from...
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