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You’ve heard about Rawlings’ AIMS technology, but what does it all mean?

For starters, it means increased protection, comfort and light-weight fit.

AIMS stands for Advanced Impact Management System, and it is used in the new Rawlings S100 batting helmet and in Rawlings football shoulder pads.

AIMS technology makes use of four independent layers of protection. Each...
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Rawlings has long been ahead of the rest in using technologies that provide better protection for football players.

One such technology is the Air Management II padding system, available in Rawlings’ Titan shoulder pads.

Air Management II technology provides improved impact absorption while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable fit. This is done by laminating a layer of...
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Football season is approaching fast, and Rawlings is here to help you prepare.

Rawlings' SRG AIMS shoulder pads are the most technically advanced shoulder pads available. Light weight and low profile, these shoulder pads are made to help you move fluidly and see clearly without comprising protection.

Rawlings' model A77 shoulder pads are designed for quarterbacks, receivers, kickers and...
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Rawlings makes its SRG AIMS shoulder pads for all positions and needs.

Model A1 shoulder pads are designed for quarterbacks, receivers and cornerbacks.

Like Rawlings' model A77 pads, they feature a short arch design with the Zoombang Skill Pack, a quarter-inch of lightweight protection.

The differences are that they have a 1" TPU belt hook up and are available in an adult...
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Running backs and defensive backs need shoulder pads that can withstand increased impact.

Rawlings' SRG AIMS model A3 shoulder pads are made to do just that, while remaining lightweight.

They feature a medium arch design with the Zoombang Skill Pack, a quarter-inch of protection. They have a 1" TPU belt hook up.

Zoombang's Skill Pack offers lightweight protection that is soft and...
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Rawlings' SRG AIMS shoulder pads provide the protection fullbacks, linebackers and some defensive linemen need.

Model A4 shoulder pads feature the Zoombang Hitters Pack, a half-inch of protection with AC cutout.

Built with an extended medium arch design, A4 shoulder pads have a 1" TPU belt hook up plus a 1-1 /2” elastic strap hook up.

They are made for the college and pro...
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