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At last, Rawlings has revolutionized the way a hitter chooses a bat.

Rawlings has proudly unveiled the Sci-Fly bat fitting and analysis system, which, for the first time, allows hitters to scientifically identify the bat that matches their swing style.

Sci-Fly is a radar that measures flight data from a batted ball to recommend the best Rawlings bat for the hitter. Data is collected on hit speed, launch angle, spin rate, hit distance and much more and fed into Rawlings’...
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Here’s an equation no hitter can ignore: A 1 mph increase in swing speed equals a 7 foot increase in hit distance.

Measure that swing speed and begin to improve it with Rawlings’ Speed Cap.

The Speed Cap is Rawlings’ patent-pending swing speed measuring device. Exclusive to the Rawlings 5150 line of bats, it is a small cap that attaches to the end of the bat and gives the...
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What makes Rawlings' 5150 BBCOR bats the choice of the nation's top college baseball teams?

Simply put, they are the hottest on the market.

A larger sweet spot, better flex and lasting durability are just a few of their other attributes.

Featuring Rawlings' Precision-Optimized Performance™ (pOp™) technology, these bats isolate their weight to a smaller region on the barrel than competitors' bats, translating into a lower swing weight.

This technology...
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