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Knowing which Rawlings bats are certified for the baseball or softball league you play in can make all the difference–It can help you maximize your performance while still falling within the guidelines of your league.

The best way to ensure your Rawlings bat is legal for your league is to review the rule book of the governing body for your league.

The following certifications are for the largest governing bodies in baseball and softball.

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BBCOR is the new standard for certified bats in the NCAA and NFHS. Read about NCAA and NFHS Bat Regulation Changes.

The BBCOR (bat-ball coefficient of restitution) performance standard replaces the BESR certification.

The BESR test involves striking a stationary bat with a ball and measuring the ratio of the rebounded ball speed to the incoming ball speed. The BESR calculation is intended to predict on-field...
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Safety is a concern in any sport, not just baseball. But whether you have a child playing ball or you play in your own league, it’s always safe to choose Rawlings’ BESR-certified bats.

BESR is the official safety certification issued for non-wood bats used in the NCAA and NHFS. It stands for ball exit speed ratio.

The Baseball Research Center is the official...
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