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Rawlings makes its REVO gloves unique to the player, with position-specific, customized pocket depths, but Rawlings Gear can make sure your glove is 100 percent your own.

Customize your REVO 950 glove at Rawlings Gear with your name and number, for just $60.

Follow these steps:

1. Choose a REVO SOLID CORE 950 glove
2. Select your lace color: black, dark brown, dark green, dark tan, gray, navy, orange, purple, red, royal, tan or white
3. Then select...
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Deep 130 pocket, conventional back, 2-piece solid web. It's just another one of the many custom specs you'll find in Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE™ 950 series.

Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE 950 Series 12" glove (model number 9SC120CD) is made for players who prefer to catch one-handed, using their thumb and pinky to close the glove.

It works well for coaches too: "I use it in my coaching for...
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Its deep pocket, Modified Trap web and conventional back make this new Rawlings REVO glove stand out.

The Rawlings REVO SOLID CORE 950 Series 11.5" glove (model number 9SC115CD) has a deep 130 pocket, well-suited for infielders and pitchers.

The deep pocket is ideal for players who like to catch or field the ball one-handed. The Modified Trap web offers added...
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Rawlings gloves are your best defense on the ball field.

You won't find better quality baseball and softball gloves anywhere else. In fact, it is Rawlings' Gold Glove Award by which the best defense is measured, according to

Today's baseball and softball gloves have many features built in to help your game and to suit your ability. These features are customized for function and are...
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Let Rawlings Gear handcraft your next glove to your exact specifications.

Start by building your glove at the Rawlings Custom Glove Pro Shop.

There, you can choose from two of Rawlings’ best leathers, Pro Preferred and Heart of the Hide. You choose the webbing and the size of the glove. Then, you choose the color combination you like best. Add options such as a finger hood or pads...
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Rawlings is introducing a new Gold Glove series—the Gold Glove Legend.

The Gold Glove Legend series was created from the same game-day patterns and position-specific gloves your favorite professional players use. These gloves have been designed with both style and feel in...
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