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Put it under your mattress and sleep on it, massage shaving cream into it--You've heard all the tricks for breaking in your new Rawlings glove.

Your father may swear by them, but when it comes to getting your new glove ready to go, Rawlings can walk you through everything you need to do.

Follow these steps to have your glove in mid-season form on the first day of practice:

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Rawlings Gear is your retailer for Rawlings left handed gloves.

With more than 90 models in stock, carries the left handed gloves you won't find in stores. Our site is the only place you'll find images of the gloves when you search.

Rawlings has introduced 16 left handed gloves for the 2011 season:
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The Basket web is Rawlings' only web style to spawn two spinoffs.

Patented in 1967, the Basket web was the first flexible web. It is so popular today that it is available with nearly every Rawlings glove series.

The first spinoff was the Bellows Basket web, patented in 1971. It is a solid web sewn together to allow the glove to expand. This expansion creates a natural well...
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As a player advances into more competitive leagues, it becomes important to be selective about the leather used to build his glove.

Rawlings' Pro Preferred glove series is made with soft, durable kipskin leather for easy break-in.

Kipskin leather is clean, with few imperfections and a tight grain structure. The leather is supple, which allows each player to break in his Pro Preferred glove to his...
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Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves are made from the best materials, inside and out.

On the outside is soft, durable Kip skin leather, known for how well it breaks in and how well it keeps its shape.

On the inside is Pittards sheep skin lining, which wicks away sweat from your hand.

Holding it all together is high-end, 100-lb tensile strength Pro lace.

This combination makes the Pro...
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Catchers are unique for many reasons, not the least of which is the mitt they use.

Here are some tips for selecting your Rawlings catcher's mitt:

• Grab a Rawlings mitt that is snug and secure without being too tight.

• Choose a mitt that allows you to catch and stop wild pitches but that's not so big you are unable to grab the ball.

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