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The ultimate online source for Rawlings baseball gloves, baseball bats, baseball pants, and all other sports equipment.
Rawlings Gear is here to help you choose the right Rawlings glove for your needs.

Just remember three important components: fit, feel and style.

Your glove should slide on and off your hand easily, without being loose. Look for a close, snug fit that’s comfortable but not tight.

The more you play, the more you’ll determine what feels best to you. As a general rule, your glove should be stiff enough to give strength...
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8/26/2010 understands that the answer to an old or broken glove is not always a new glove.

If your current glove needs to be re-laced, repaired or restored, let help. offers glove re-lacing at a minimal cost. Re-lacing differs from glove to glove depending on the web, and the fee is $10 per section plus the cost of lace. A typical glove can have four to five sections.

If your glove needs to be repaired or if you have a...
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To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Rawlings is releasing a special line of limited edition gloves.

Get any one of the gloves in this collection at Rawlings Gear.

Pro Preferred Gloves
Limited Edition Pro Preferred gloves are black with camel lacing and feature the 125th Anniversary tag and...
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Rawlings Gear makes it possible for everyone to own their own personalized Rawlings baseball or softball glove.

There are four ways for you to customize your glove:

Rawlings Custom Glove Pro Shop
Build your own glove with Rawlings Custom Glove Pro Shop. Start with a blank Pro Preferred™ or Heart of the Hide® glove and walk through the easy steps on our Website to create your perfect glove. ...
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Some of us name our ball gloves. Some of us call them our good-luck charm. Some of us even sleep with them under our mattress.

Rawlings knows how much a player can care about his or her glove, and we can help you choose the best glove for your needs.

First things first: the glove material. It’s easy to get blinded by the flashiness of synthetic materials, but leather is the way to go, and Rawlings knows. Rawlings has been making leather gloves since 1877.

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Just like any other tool, your ball glove works best if you take good care of it.

Rawlings offers the following tips to make sure your glove is in fine condition as long as you need it:

• Do keep a ball in your glove when you are not using it.
• Do condition your glove occasionally to prevent drying and cracking.
• Do wear a batting glove to keep sweat from drying and cracking the leather inside your glove.
• Do tighten your laces routinely because leather...
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