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In Baseball, Stealing Isn’t Illegal; It’s Encouraged
You’ve reached first base, and it’s a tie game in the bottom of the last inning. Getting into scoring position could get your team into the win column, and your coach knows it. You’ve been given the sign to steal.

Getting a good jump isn’t the only part of this basic baseball skill. Here are some tips for stealing successfully:

Always listen to your first base coach and watch your third base coach while still on the bag. Don’t take your lead and then look to your coach, or you’ll get picked off.

Generally, you’ll want to take a 3 to 3-1/2 step lead.

Stay low with your hands slightly in out and in front of you.

If the pitcher quickly throws to first, you'll want to get to the back corner of the bag, your face turned away from the field to protect yourself from errant throws as well as to see if the ball gets by the first baseman.

Get a good jump—It’s critical in the success of a steal attempt.

Once the pitcher has committed to delivering the pitch, by a movement toward home plate, take off by pivoting the right foot and crossing over with the left leg.

Throw or “pump” your left arm as you cross over.

After a couple of steps, quickly glance toward home to determine if you have to stop and return to first due to a line drive, pop-up or fly ball, or if you should not slide and instead round second. Always know the situation.

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