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Round First the Right Way to Land Safe at Second
Knowing how to run the bases can make a runner with average speed better on the base paths than a speedy player who runs them incorrectly.

Taking the right steps as you round first on a base hit can get you a double in a stat book instead of a single.

Here are some tips for rounding first base:

As you approach first base, take a very quick peek to see if the ball is in the infield or not. If you see the ball is through the infield, or if you had hit a fly ball, you'll want to take what is called a banana curve approach to first. This means that approximately halfway there you will begin to veer slightly outward and then come back inward as you approach the bag, making a banana shape.

You will want to try to hit the inside corner of the base with your foot as you turn toward second.

As soon as you realize that the ball is out of the infield, you should be thinking “double.” Make the ball determine if you have to stay at first. Most of the time, a double is determined by how the runner goes from home to first instead of first to second.

As always, listen to your first base coach and know the situation.

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