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Break in Your New Glove—Rawlings Style
The Grapefruit and Cactus leagues start up again soon, and your league won't be far behind.

That means it's time to break in your new Rawlings glove, and Rawlings can walk you through everything you need to do.

Follow these steps to have your glove in mid-season form on the first day of practice.

Step 1: Work the Padding
Using both hands, grab the heel of your glove by each side and twist it back and forth. Do the same with the fingers and thumb of your glove. This will ease the tension of the material inside the glove padding, creating a more comfortable fit.

Step 2: Soften the Leather
Condition your glove with a light coating of Rawlings Glovolium leather treatment oil. This will soften your glove and make it more comfortable. Be aware that some glove oils will darken the leather. For Primo, Pro Preferred, Heart of the Hide gloves, we recommend using the Primo Butter that is formulated for these high-end gloves.

Step 3: Wrap Your Glove
Place a Rawlings baseball or softball in the pocket of your glove and close it. Fold it the way you want your glove to close when you play. Secure your glove with rubber bands and let it rest in a cool, dry place. This will allow your glove to conform to the shape of a baseball or softball.

Step 4: Play Catch
The more you use your new Rawlings glove, the better it will fit and feel on your hand.

Step 5: Maintain Your Glove
Inspect the laces of your glove every 6 months and replace them as needed. Always store your glove in a cool, dry place with a ball in the pocket when not in use and during the offseason. We recommend using a softball to increase the size of the pocket. Treat your glove with Rawlings Glovolium to ensure it will last for years.

Visit our official online store or contact a Rawlings Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to learn more about Rawlings gloves or to order a Rawlings Glove Break-In Kit, Rawlings Glovolium or Primo Glove Butter.
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