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Do You See a Pattern Here? An Insider Tip on Choosing the Right Glove
You can be around a baseball field or softball diamond for years and still learn new ways to make the equipment you use maximize your potential.

One such way is to look at the pattern of your glove and determine if it’s right for you.

Simply put, the pattern is the size and shape of the glove.

If you are an infielder, you may want a smaller pattern, between 10-1/2 and 11-1/2 inches. If you are an outfielder, gloves between 12 and 12-1/2 inches with deeper pockets may be better suited to you. Catchers and first basemen use unique patterns with more padding.

Two types of patterns Rawlings uses are Pro and Full.

Pro patterns are on-field patterns. They range from flat pockets for second basemen, standard-depth pockets for shortstops and third basemen and deep pockets for pitchers and outfielders.

Pockets in full pattern gloves are determined by the design of the palm, fingers and finger spread rather than the position played.

Full pattern gloves are utility gloves that can be used for either baseball or softball. They are generally 12 inches or larger.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) to find the glove pattern that’s right for you.
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