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A Lesson in Rawlings' Bat Technologies
Let Rawlings Gear help you find the new alloy bat that's right for you. Rawlings offers bats that feature a variety of technologies focusing on every part of your swing, from speed to power.

Check out Rawlings’ bat technologies:

5150 Alloy
Rawlings' 5150® alloy is its most durable and highest performing alloy. Rawlings Gear carries these 5150 alloy bats: BBCOR TRIO Balanced Bat, BBCOR TRIO End-Loaded Bat, BBCOR Velo Bat, BBCOR 5150 Bat, Senior League Velo -10 Bat, Senior League Velo -5 Bat and Jr Big Barrel 5150 Bat.

Comp-Lite End Cap
Rawlings has created a composite end cap with 36 percent more carbon fiber, lowering moment of inertia (MOI) and increasing bat speed. Rawlings Gear carries these bats with the Comp-Lite End Cap: BBCOR TRIO Balanced Bat, BBCOR TRIO End-Loaded Bat, BBCOR Velo Bat, Senior League Velo -10 Bat and Senior League Velo -5 Bat.

pOp Technology
Rawlings' Precision-Optimized Performance™ (pOp™) barrel technology offers superior balance and swing speed. Check out these bats with pOp technology at Rawlings Gear: BBCOR TRIO Balanced Bat, BBCOR TRIO End-Loaded Bat, BBCOR Velo Bat and BBCOR 5150 Bat.

TRIO Technology
Rawlings' TRIO technology features a three-piece barrel design consisting of a composite handle, a 5150 alloy barrel with pOp™ technology and a Comp-Lite composite end cap. TRIO bats are made for balance, swing speed and performance. Rawlings Gear carries these TRIO bats: BBCOR TRIO Balanced Bat and BBCOR TRIO End-Loaded Bat.

Barrel Flex
A flexible barrel creates better trampoline effect, and Rawlings' MACH series has 55 percent more barrel flex than the closest competitor. Rawlings Gear carries these MACH bats with Barrel Flex technology: Senior League MACH -10 Bat and Youth MACH -10 Bat.

Rawlings' Max CFD stands for “maximizing composite fiber density,” and it allows for increased performance and durability. Rawlings' Senior League MACH -10 Bat uses Max CFD technology.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to learn more about Rawlings' alloy baseball bats.
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