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Introducing Rawlings' Performance Rating Batting Helmets
Rawlings has a batting helmet for every level of play. Select yours using Rawlings' new Performance Rating™ for batting helmets.

Rawlings' batting helmets with a Performance Rating™ come in six models:

• 70 MPH solid, rubberized matte helmet (model number: S70X1S for adults and S70X1J for youth)
• 70 MPH two-tone, glossy helmet (model number: S70X2S for adults and S70X2J for youth)
• 80 MPH solid, translucent helmet (model number: S80X1S for adults and S80X1J for youth)
• 80 MPH two-tone, translucent matte helmet (model number: S80X2S for adults and S80X2J for youth)
• 90 MPH solid clear-coat helmet (model number S90PA)
• 100 MPH solid clear-coat helmet (model number S100P)

Each meets or exceeds the NOCSAE® standard up to its designated pitch speed.

The current NOCSAE® standard equates to 68 MPH baseball pitch speeds. At the different levels of play, baseball pitch speeds can exceed the standard requirement. Use these guidelines for average baseball pitch speeds. Speeds may vary.

• Ages 10 and under generally average around 50+ MPH
• Ages 11-12 average 60+ MPH
• Ages 13-14 average 70+ MPH
• High school level averages 80+ MPH
• College and pro levels average 90+ MPH

Rawlings Gear also carries the S100® Pro Comp™ batting helmet, used exclusively by Major League Baseball. The helmet can withstand a ball strike up to 100 MPH but is offered with only one ear flap, so it is not NOCSAE® approved. The S100® Pro Comp™ helmet is sold in the official MLB team colors with team logo. Contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative to special order your S100® Pro Comp™ helmet.

Rawlings' Performance Rating™ can be found on the rear of the helmet, as well as the interior crown padding.

Other popular Rawlings batting helmets, such as Coolflo XVI™, traditional Coolflo™ and Vapor Low Profile meet NOCSAE® standards and can also be purchased at Rawlings Gear.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at 866-678-GEAR(4327) to order your Rawlings batting helmet with Performance Rating™.

• NOCSAE® baseball batting helmet standards involve tests of baseballs fired from a cannon at 60 mph at a distance of 2 ft, which is roughly equivalent to an impact resulting from a pitch speed of 68 mph at a distance of 60 ft.
• The Rawlings Performance Rating™ System is based on pitch speeds at a distance of 60 ft.
• NOCSAE® standards require that a batting helmet withstand all test impacts at an established peak severity index (SI). Helmets also must survive all test protocols substantially intact and ready for use.
• The NOCSAE® standard is aimed at reducing the risk of skull fractures. The standard has not been correlated with reducing the risk of concussions from such impacts.
WARNING: Severe head or neck injury, including paralysis or death may occur to you despite using this helmet. No helmet can prevent all head injuries or any neck injuries a player might receive while participating in baseball or softball.
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