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Getting Out of the Box Quickly Is Key to Running to First
In baseball and softball, base running is just as much an art as hitting or bunting.

Getting out of the batter’s box and down the line efficiently is a seemingly simple task that can have game-changing results. Imagine beating that throw from the shortstop or legging out what your coach meant to be a sacrifice bunt.

It doesn’t take tremendous speed, either.

Here are some tips for running to first base:

As a batter, taking a balanced swing and following through will help you get out of the box smoothly and quickly.

Your first three steps should be short and quick.

For right-handed hitters, your first step should be with your back foot (your right foot); the opposite is true for left-handed batters.

On the third or fourth step, you might take a very quick peek to see if the ball is in the infield or not. If it is, run in a straight line to first base inside the running lane.

You’ll want to run through first base, not just to it. Do not slow down until you have crossed the bag.

Slow down by chopping your steps and decelerating.

Look to the right side immediately after touching first base to see if the ball has gotten by the first baseman so you know if you have a chance to advance to second base.

Don’t forget that it is critical to listen and watch your base coaches and know the situation at all times. Head in the game!

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