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New Ruling – Rawlings Pitcher’s Gloves Solid In Color
Count on Rawlings to monitor baseball's rule changes for you.

Rawlings has changed its pitcher’s gloves to remove white or light-colored lacing and lettering as more of baseball's governing bodies change their rules regarding the coloring of pitcher's gloves.

High school groups and college organizations are among those that have revised their rules.

The high school association NFHS in recent years has ruled that “a glove that includes the colors white or gray shall be removed from the game upon discovery by either team or umpire.”

At the college level, NCAA rules state, “The pitcher’s glove must be black or brown and may not contain white or gray lettering.”

The rule further states: “This clarifies that the overall color of the glove is the important piece. If the umpire believes that the logo or lettering is distracting, the glove shall be removed.”

To meet these standards, most Rawlings pitcher's gloves are solid black with black lacing so as not to bring your Rawlings glove into question on the field.

From the Pro Preferred 12” glove (model number PROS12MTKB) to the Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh 12” glove (model number PRO12M) to the Gold Glove Gamer 12” glove (model number GG20G), Rawlings has a pitcher's glove in the style, size and price range you want.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) to purchase your next Rawlings pitcher's glove.
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