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Rawlings' Glove Lace Is a Knot Above the Rest
Not only does Rawlings Gear feature gloves at great prices, it also carries the supplies you need to keep your glove in top condition season after season.

Our Pro Quality Lace is 48” long. It is available in tan, black, chocolate, cardinal red, dodger blue, white, Tennessee orange, purple, maroon, Kelly green, dark green, light gold, silver gray and pink.

Rawlings' glove lace is prepared to the same standard as Rawlings' glove leather. Knowledgeable craftsmen tan and finish the leather hides, then block, cut, sort and bundle the lace.

The standard width for baseball gloves is 3/16” and is used on virtually every section of every glove.

The color and length of the lace is a matter of choice, but Rawlings Gear's most popular colors are tan and black.

Rawlings Gear also carries Stainless Steel Lacing Needles, available in two lengths: 6” and 3”.

One end of the lacing needle has a point and the opposite end is threaded so lace can be screwed inside the needle.

Additionally, Rawlings Gear offers glove re-lacing at a minimal cost. Re-lacing differs from glove to glove depending on the web, and the fee is $10 per section plus the cost of lace. A typical glove can have four to five sections.

View our tips and tricks to keep you glove in top condition.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) for more information about our glove re-lacing service or glove lace.
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