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Rawlings Pro Preferred Bats Are the Bats the Pros Use
Only the best 5 percent of ash and maple is perfect enough to be considered for bats labeled “Pro Preferred.”

These wood bats prove effective at the professional level year after year.

They have a high-gloss, ultra-protective clear finish and a U-shaped cupped end. The cupped end takes weight out of the bat, making it lighter and moving the balance point toward the hands.

Pro Preferred wood bats are individually inspected, with the length, weight and balance point (-2 average) written in the cupped end.

In addition, the maple bats carry the Pro Ink Dot Test on the handle.

Major League Baseball requires this test because of the way maple bats shatter when they break. The ink dot bleeds in the direction of the wood grain, allowing the straightness of the grain to be measured. According to MLB, the straighter the grain, the stronger the bat. These bats should be hit on face of grain.

Pro Preferred wood bats are based off assorted Major League profiles. Model numbers are P460M (maple), P302M (maple), P288RJ (ash) and P302 (ash).

The maple bat P302M and ash bat P302 are Major League overruns, either too heavy or light to make the MLB cut.

In addition, when you order through Rawlings Gear, you can have your name and number engraved on any Pro Preferred wood bat.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) to purchase your Pro Preferred wood bat.
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