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Let Science Find Your Perfect Bat with Rawlings’ Sci-Fly System
At last, Rawlings has revolutionized the way a hitter chooses a bat.

Rawlings has proudly unveiled the Sci-Fly bat fitting and analysis system, which, for the first time, allows hitters to scientifically identify the bat that matches their swing style.

Sci-Fly is a radar that measures flight data from a batted ball to recommend the best Rawlings bat for the hitter. Data is collected on hit speed, launch angle, spin rate, hit distance and much more and fed into Rawlings’ proprietary Ball Flight and Hitting Analysis System. A hitter uses several different bats so data can be compared to identify the perfect bat.

Currently available for use with the Rawlings 5150 bat series, Sci-Fly technology can help you take your game to the next level.

It’s the science of pure performance. The numbers don’t lie.

To schedule a Sci-Fly fitting session, e-mail Fittings are by appointment only and may not be available in your area.
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