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Tips for Washing Your Rawlings Apparel
Keep your uniform looking like the day you got it with these tips from Rawlings:

• Garments should be washed separately before initial use.
• For best results and maximum wear, uniforms should be laundered immediately after each game, in cold water.
• The rinse cycle should also be set for cold water.
• Garments that cannot be cleaned promptly after wearing should be hung individually on rust-proof hangers or hooks. Perspiration fading may occur if wet garments are left in a pile.
• After a game, inspect uniforms for snags or tears and make repairs before washing to prevent further damage.
• Remove all contrast color items, such as belts, from garments before laundering and wash them separately.
• Before laundering a load of new uniforms, a sample garment should be washed according to care label instructions.
• Prior to washing, turning the garments inside out will help preserve the twill or perma-print lettering.
• Do not wash uniforms with other items, such as towels.

• Heavily soiled garments should be soaked in lukewarm water with a protein release agent for a maximum of 45 minutes.
• Spray on products such as Spray’n Wash® or Shout® and leave on for 15 minutes to absorb before washing.
• Products such as Stick Stain® or Shout Gel® can be rubbed on stubborn stains and left overnight for washing the next day as well.
• For blood stains, it is best to rinse in cold water as soon as possible, and if necessary, soak in cold water before washing.
• One of the above pre-treatments or an oxygen based laundry booster such as Oxy Clean® can also be used for blood stains.
• An oxygen based laundry booster such as Oxy Clean® can also be used to eliminate odor.
• For ink stains, use hair spray. Simply spray on and rub until the ink is gone, then wash as normal.
• Immediately after soaking, garments should be run through a normal wash cycle.

• Do not overload the washer.
• Do not wash white and colored garments together.
• All garments should be washed in cold water. Rinse water temperature should not vary more than a few degrees from wash water temperature.
• Use a mild detergent (ph under 10.0) for washing uniforms.
• The water level in the washing machine should be kept high to hold down mechanical action. Only when uniforms are extremely soiled should the water level be lowered to increase mechanical action.
• Avoid overloading the machine because it can cause garments to shrink.
• Use an anti-static agent such as Bounce® dryer sheets, especially on garments to be tumble dried, to minimize lint attraction and spark discharge.

• Never use a chlorine bleach on any garment, as it fades colors and weakens some materials.
• Do not use bleach on any garment that contains spandex or carries braid, trim or embroidery.
• When bleach is required on all-white garments, use a light application of an oxygen based bleach.

• For best results, garments (particularly those containing spandex) should be hung to drip dry.
• Do not dry uniforms on high heat.
• If you must use a dryer, use a damp dry or air dry setting. High heat can cause clothes to shrink, Perma-Print® ink to crack and twill to wrinkle.
• When tumble drying, use the lowest temperature or “air” setting. The uniforms will stick together, especially those with Perma-Print® ink.
• Remove garments promptly from dryer.

• Do not dry clean any of your uniforms.

• Garments should be completely dry before storing.
• Store uniforms in a cool, dry area protected from sunlight and fluorescent light. This will prevent mildew and yellowing.

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