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Save Money with Rawlings' 5-Tool Training Bundles
Rawlings' 5-Tool Training Bundles are a great way for you or your team to improve in the offseason or fine-tune in-season—and you save by bundling your purchase! carries these 5-Tool Training Bundles:

Deluxe Training Bundle (model number DELUXE_TB)
• Hitting net (model number POPNET)
• Agility hurdles (model number AGILHURD)
• Travel tee (model number TRAVLTEE)
• Resistance bands (model number RESISBANHAND)
• Hand eye bat (model number HANDIBAT)
• Pro trainer glove (model number PROTRAIN) price: $329.99 / Bundled savings: $32.95

Little League Bundle (model number LITTLE_LEAGUE_TB)
• Travel tee (model number TRAVLTEE)
• Running bases (model number THROWBASE)
• T-ball practice balls (dozen) (model number TVB-DZ) price: $95.99

Hit Pack I (model number HIT_PACK_I)
• One hand wood training bat (model number ONEHANDBAT)
• 5-Tool training baseballs (dozen) (model number 5THITATP-DZ) price: $79.99

Hit Pack II (model number HIT_PACK_II)
• Hand eye bat (model number HANDIBAT)
• Bucket of training balls (30 balls) (model number 5TBUCKPT30PK) price: $94.99

Pitch Pack (model number PITCH_PACK)
• Pitching net (model number TRAVLPITCH)
• Resistance band with ball (model number RESISBANBALL) price: $79.99

Field Pack I (model number FIELD_PACK_I)
• Pro trainer glove (model number PROTRAIN)
• Reaction ball (model number REACTBALL) price: $64.99

Field Pack II (model number FIELD_PACK_II)
• Quick hands glove (model number QUIKHANDS)
• Reaction ball (model number REACTBALL) price: $19.99

Every 5-Tool Training product includes drills and instructions to help you improve your baseball performance.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) to purchase your 5-Tool Training Bundles.
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