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Rawlings Is Adding 10 New 5-Tool Training Products
Rawlings and Ripken Baseball are expanding their line of 5-Tool Training products to better meet your needs. Rawlings has designed 10 new products for the 5-Tool Training Program for the spring.

Many of the new 5-Tool Training products will NOT be available till October 2010.

Last year, Rawlings introduced the Pro Tee and the Travel Tee. This year, Rawlings has designed three new training tees:

• The Multi Tee (model number 5TMULTITEE) allows you to practice your hitting in 360 degrees. Two connected tees give you 360-degree hitting to improve your hitting for power and average. This heavy duty rubber tee can be easily adjusted from 20 inches to 38 inches high. (Available in October 2010.)
• The 5 Position Tee (model number 5POSITIONTEE) offers you five hitting positions. This tee will help you train hitting the bat across all parts of the plate. It can be adjusted from 20 inches to 36 inches high.
• The Quick Tee (model number QUICKTEE) is a lightweight, durable tee that can be broken down quickly and used for hitting virtually anywhere. This tee can be adjusted from 27 inches to 47 inches high, higher than any of Rawlings' other 5-Tool Training tees.'s highest-rated 5-Tool product is the Pro Training Glove, and now Rawlings has designed the Great Hands Glove (model number 5TGRTHANDS). The flat glove can be used like a real glove for youths or adults. The smaller size and shape is great for improving fielding.

Two great additions to Rawlings' speed training program are the Pro Resistance Ball and the Ankle Resistance Band:

• Like the Resistance Ball, the Pro Resistance Ball (model number RESISBANBALLPRO) offers a full range of motion resistance training. This band is ideal for the serious player who wants to take care of his arm. This band gives an advanced level of resistance for baseball conditioning with a game-realistic baseball grip. (Available in October 2010.)
• Not only can you get resistance bands to strength your arms, but now you can also get Rawlings' Ankle Resistance Band (model number ANKLERESIS). Speed is one of the most valuable tools in baseball. The ankle resistance band will allow players to work on speed and agility by applying resistance to all the key lower body muscles. (Available in October 2010.)

Bat speed is one of the most important elements a player needs to hit for average and power. To help improve your swing, Rawlings has added the Youth Hand Eye Bat and the Swing Chute:

• Similar to the Hand Eye Bat, the Youth Hand Eye Bat (model number HANDIBATY) provides the same length and feel as your game bat with a 1-inch barrel. This 30-inch bat has a precision balance to give the same feel as a standard -10 bat. As a bonus, it also comes with six 5-inch plastic training balls. (Available in October 2010.)
• The Swing Chute (model number 5TSWINGCHUTE) is a new twist that allows for resistance training to increase your bat speed. Attach the adjustable sleeve (for different barrel sizes) to your bat and improve your swing! (Available in October 2010.)

New products to improve your throwing and fielding are Weighted Balls and 7.5-inch Training Balls.

• A weighted ball program is the key to building arm strength. This three-pack of Weighted Balls (model number 5TWEIGHTBOX3) has 7-ounce, 9-ounce and 11-ounce weighted baseballs. These balls have hand sewn covers like Rawlings top-quality baseballs.
• New 7.5-inch Training Balls (model number 5TSMALL6BAG) are color-coded and come in a pack of six.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) to purchase 5-Tool Training Program products.
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