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How to Choose a First Base Mitt
As your competition gets fiercer, it becomes more important to play with the specialized tools of the game. Play first base confidently with a top-quality Rawlings mitt.

Rawlings makes nearly two dozen first base mitts. Here are the characteristics you'll find in all of them:

• First base mitts resemble a mitten, but have less padding than the catcher's mitt.
• The mitt is longer to help the first baseman field throws from infielders.
• The mitt has a shallow pocket that allows the first baseman to quickly retrieve the ball from the mitt.

With that many choices, it can be a big job to select the first base mitt that's right for you or the first baseman in your family.

Here are some tips for choosing a first base mitt:

• Choose a first base mitt that allows you to scoop the ball.
• It needs to flatten out wide so you can trap the ball no matter which direction it comes from.
• Pick out a big mitt that is comfortable but not clumsy.
• Make sure you can snap the glove closed without it feeling wobbly, shaky or loose.
• If the Rawlings glove is too big, baseballs will not stay in the pocket. You need the perfect combination of size and control.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) for more information on first base mitts.
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