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Rawlings Makes an Equipment Bag for Everyone
If you've got a game to get to, you've got equipment to haul. Rawlings' wide variety of bat bags make it easy to travel to the yard in style.

The Pro Preferred bat bag (model number PROWB12) holds eight bats and has a side wing bat holder for your game bats. This bag also features an iPod-compatible, water-resistant speaker system with an amplifier—a sure hit at tournaments. It is available in black.

Rawlings' All American bat bag (model number AAPEB2) holds six bats with on-the-go music changing capabilities. It is available in four colors.

Rawlings Gear's most popular bat bag is the Player Preferred bag (model number PPWB). This wheeled bat bag holds four bats and has the usual industrial-strength fence hooks, removable panel for personalization, E-Z roll inline wheels and ventilated shoe pocket. It is available in ten colors.

The Instinct bat bag (model number ISTEB2) holds three bats and can be worn as a back pack. This bag feature two side organizing pockets, a removable panel for personalization and a ventilated shoe pocket. It is available in four colors.

A recent addition to Rawlings' line is the Hybrid bat bag (model number HYBRIDXL). This bag holds three bats, but can also be converted into a duffle bag for other sports. It is available in four colors.

The Rawlings Workhorse bat bag (model number WHWB2) is another popular bag and holds six bats. This wheeled bat bag is great for catchers to hold all their extra equipment. There are large compartments that are designed to carry your leg guards, chest protector and catcher’s mask. It is available in four colors.

The Nemesis bat bag (model number NEMEB) is another bat bag that can be worn as a back pack and holds three bats. This bag has a compartment to hold your helmet with face mask and has a ventilated shoe pocket. It is available in four colors.

A slightly smaller bat bag is the Home Run bag (model number HREB). Just like the Nemesis bat bag, it can be worn as a back pack and holds three bats. This bag will hold your helmet and has a separate shoe compartment. It is available in four colors.

The Playmaker bat bag (model number PMEB) is the only bat bag that comes in the color pink in addition to four other colors. It holds two bats and your helmet with face mask, and it has metal fence clips.

Rawlings Gear also has a new style equipment bag (model number RBATPACK) that is a back pack and has two external side bat sleeves. This back pack style bag is larger than Rawlings' previous models and has a mountain clip fence hook with an inside pocket for valuables. It is available in black.

Looking for a team bag, a bag for your baseballs/softballs or a bag for your computer and paperwork? Rawlings Gear has those too.

The Team Bag (model number TEAMB1) is a large bag that can hold up to six bats in the bottom compartment and has an easily accessible large compartment on top. This bag can also be used for other sports, holding up to five basketballs or footballs. It is available in black.

A different kind of bag is Rawlings' Ball Bag (model number RBALLB). It is shaped like a baseball bucket and can hold up to five dozen baseballs. It has two accessory pockets on the outside and has a heavy duty molded bottom. It is available in black.

Rawlings' Advisory Staff bag (model number ASBC1) is ideal for the coach, dad or team manager. This bag has many compartments to keep you organized—a protected compartment for your laptop, internal dividers for files or paperwork, a water bottle pocket, a cell phone pocket, an MP3 player pocket with headphone port and more. It is available in black.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) to order your new Rawlings equipment bag.
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