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Rawlings Uses Custom Player Technology™ to Make a Glove for Everyone
Rawlings' Custom Player Technology™, integrated into its new REVO SOLID CORE™ glove series, creates a specialized pocket in every glove to fit the way you play the game.

Combined with the glove's construction, Custom Player Technology™ allows you to match your fielding style to the deep-pocket, standard-pocket or flat-pocket pattern that will improve your fielding performance.

Deep pocket designs work best for players who catch the ball one-handed and who want their glove to break between their thumb and ring or little fingers. Pitchers, third basemen and outfielders typically choose gloves with deep pockets.

Standard pocket designs are created for players who catch with one hand but don't want a deep pocket. These gloves break between the thumb and index or middle fingers. This is the most popular pattern for shortstops.

Flat pocket designs are for fielders who consistently use two hands when fielding and need a shallow pocket to get the ball out of their glove as quickly as possible. They want their glove to break between their fingers and palm. Second basemen typically choose a flat pocket.

Custom Player Technology™ is used in all three lines of REVO SOLID CORE™ gloves: the 750 series, the 550 series and the 350 series.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) for more information on the Custom Player Technology™ in Rawlings' new REVO SOLID CORE™ gloves.
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