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Rawlings REVOlutionizes Glove Fit With New REVO SOLID CORE™ Gloves
Rawlings proudly introduces its most customized gloves yet—the REVO SOLID CORE™ glove series.

The REVO SOLID CORE™ series allows you to choose your glove by how you field the ball rather than simply by the position you play.

The REVO SOLID CORE Technology™ used in Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE™ gloves features Opti-Fit™, which improves how the glove fits your hand and makes for better control of the glove. The laceless heel and pocket allow you to close the glove easier than a traditional glove.

The glove's Easy Break design and soft feel make breaking it in an afterthought.

To meet the needs of every different player, Rawlings has incorporated Custom Player Technology™ in its REVO SOLID CORE™ gloves. This innovative new way of choosing a glove matches each player's style of fielding the ball with a specific glove pattern.

If you want your glove to break between your fingers and palm, you'll want a flat-pocket pattern. If you want it to break between your thumb and index or middle finger, look for a standard pattern. If you want the break to occur between your thumb and ring or little finger, you'll choose a deep-pocket pattern.

Rawlings' REVO SOLID CORE™ glove series has been in the works for three years. The world's best glove craftsman, Akio Aoki, has been the engineer behind this major development.

REVO SOLID CORE™ gloves are available in three series: the 750 series, the 550 series, the 350 baseball series, and the 350 softball series.

Visit or contact a Rawlings Gear Customer Care representative at (866) 678-GEAR(4327) for more information on the Rawlings' new REVO SOLID CORE™ gloves.
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