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Adult Lean-fit Kentucky Style Football Jersey
Model Number:  FJUKF

  Black  Bright Orange  Columbia Blue  Dark Green
Navy  Royal  Scarlet  White/Black  White/Columbia Blue
White/Dark Green  White/Maroon  White/Navy  White/Scarlet  Maroon

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Sizing Chart
$42.99 ea.

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  • Lean-Fit Game Jersey
  • Body: 55 cloth
  • 1/8" self material piping - runs along neck edge, connects front/back of side insert
  • Sleeve End: 1" Lycra Cuff with elastic
  • 2-Ply Shoulder Cowl, sleeve is 2-piece (90 cloth)
  • Neck: 1" self facing-reinforced
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This Lean-Fit football game jersey features a 2-Ply Shoulder Cowl with a 55 cloth body). The 1/8" self material piping runs along the necks edge and connects at the front/back of the side insert. The Sleeve ends are cuffed with a 1" Lycra material.

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