5150 ALLOY
Rawlings' 5150 alloy has been formulated for higher strength and increased flex. The result is an unmatched combination of trampoline and durability. As a result of precision manufacturing capabilities, 5150 alloy bats consistently perform at the maximum level allowable by today's performance standards.

  • High School/Collegiate -3 (model number BBCA2)
  • Senior League -10 (model number SLR510)
  • Senior League -5 (model number SLR55)
  • Senior League -10 with 2 3/4" barrel (model number SLR234)
Rawlings VELO Bats feature a Comp-Lite end cap with Bifusion™ Technology that takes weight away from the end of the bat to increase bat speed. Along with a new grip, VELO bats also use an enhanced 5150 alloy that is specifically designed for thin barrel bats.

  • High School/Collegiate -3 (model number BBVELO)
  • Senior League -10 (model number SLVELO)
  • Senior League -9 (model number SLVEL9)
  • Senior League -5 (model number SLVEL5)
  • Youth -13 (model number YBVELO)
Rawlings Plasma bats feature a thin Plasma alloy barrel end-construction for quicker bat speed and a stiff Plasma alloy handle for consistent feel at the plate.

  • High School/Collegiate -3 (model number BBCPLA)
  • Senior League -5 (model number SL51A5)
  • Youth -12 (model number YBPLA3)
The MACHINE combines four technologies designed to increase swing speed and improve bat balance and feel. Add BBCOR certification and it's a bat that's game ready, whether you're in high school or college.

  • High School/Collegiate -3 (model number BBMC)
The 5150 Exogrid Youth Bat was designed with Vyatek's patented Exogrid with Ph.DTM technology. Short for passive hybrid damping, Ph.D technology reduces bat vibration on impact without giving away pop. This bat has a large sweet spot, a bonus for young players still learning the game.

  • Youth -10 (model number YB51X2)
Discontinued Bat Series:
5150 Alloy
5150 Composite
5150 Hybrid
Rush Lite Composite
Rush Lite Gold
Plasma Gold
Plasma Silver

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