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Tips on Pitching

Pitchers Develop A Couple of Different Pitches

Most pitchers will develop a couple of different pitches and then throw variations of those pitches. As a pitcher, you should always warm up and develop good ball control and placement. Listed below are many different types of pitches and how to throw them.

Fastball - 4 Seam

  • Fingers across the seams
  • Ball will rotate over 4 seams
  • Ball behavior: stays straight usually more velocity (speed)

Fastball - 2 Seam

  • Fingers positioned on "horseshoe" seams
  • Ball will rotate over 2 seams
  • Ball behavior: sinking action


  • Middle finger on seam
  • Slight rotation of hand at delivery
  • Ball behavior: hard "sliding" or curve action

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Curve Ball

  • Middle finger on seam
  • Deliver pitch with wrist "cocked" pulling down on the seam
  • Ball behavior: "12 o'clock to 6 o'clock" slow curving action

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Knuckle Curve Ball

  • Middle finger on seam
  • Point of index finger on other seam
  • Delivery pitch with wrist "cocked"
  • Ball behavior: same as curve ball, but faster than the regular curve ball and slower than the slider

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Split Finger

  • Both fingers spread outside the seams
  • "Snap" wrist upon release
  • Ball behavior: slow tumbling action with the same arm speed as the fastball

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Circle Change

  • Middle finger inside seam
  • Index finger and thumb "circle" on side of ball
  • Same arm speed as the fastball
  • At delivery, rotate the "circle" down
  • Ball behavior: slowing sinking action with sideways rotators

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Knuckle Ball

  • Point of index finger and middle finger on leather not seams
  • Thumb and remaining fingers also on leather only
  • Don't want to touch seams
  • Delivery: lead with your elbow "push" ball out of your hand, keep your wrist under the ball
  • Ball behavior: no rotation, "jumps" around

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