Rawlings 5150 EXOGRID® with Ph.D™ Bats

Do you perform better with a stiff handle bat? Until now you had to compromise a sweet feeling bat for peak performance because as a bat gets stiffer, its vibrational response increases - that's the sting. Rawlings has incorporated Ph.D™ technology (passive hybrid damping) into stiff handle bat design. The need to compromise is over! Take game proven EXOGRID® optimized for feel + Performance with Ph.D™ technology + Rawlings' 5150 Alloy and you get Rawlings 5150 EXOGRID® with Ph.D™ Bat.
  • Ultra responsive 5150 alloy barrel
  • 1-Piece, 100% alloy frame
  • Sci-Fly™ Designed and Certified
  • Speed Cap™ compatible endcap
  • 1 year warranty
Available for PRE-ORDER in: -3 HighSchool/Collegiate, -8.5 Senior League, -11 Youth
EXOGRID®, Bifusion™, and Ph.D™ are all trademarks of Vyatek Sports.