Rawlings 5150 Composite Bats

Just added to our 5150 Series is the 5150 X-Treme Performance Composite Bats. These X-Treme Performance Bats (red) feature increased barrel length for maximum sweet spot PLUS an X-Treme Multiwall design to give you the most responsive barrel.

Our 5150 Composite Bats (black) give you the perfect combination of bat speed, power and control.
  • Sci-Fly™ Designed and Certified
  • Multi-wall, ultra responsive barrel
  • 1-Piece, 100% composite frame
  • Premium synthetic leather grip
  • 1 year warranty
  • Speed Cap™ compatible endcap
5150 X-Treme Performance Bats available in: -9 Senior League, -11 Youth
5150 Composite Bats available in: -3 HighSchool/Collegiate, -5 Senior League, -10 Senior League, -12 Youth, -11.5 Coach Pitch